Shiny Happiny Evolution

Shiny Happiny Evolution

Happiny is a small, spherical Pokémon that may only be female. It has small, stubby limbs and a pink egg-formed body, with a lightweight purple pouch covering its bottom half. Its face is simplistic, with small black eyes, white pupils, and pink “blush” marks. There are also three round tufts of hair on the Pokémon’s head, together with a pink stone-shaped object that retains the remainder of its hair in a curly pigtail. Strangely enough, the Pokémon is concerned by how curly its hair seems. Happiny is a small Pokémon that’s shaped like an egg.

As it can not produce Eggs yet, it makes up for it by carrying a white, Egg-formed stone in its pouch to imitateChanseyandBlissey. It may give this stone to folks whom it likes, and it has a behavior of wandering round people’s toes and inflicting them to stumble. Happiny is proven to be extremely sturdy in theanime, asonehas been seen lifting heavy things above its head. Happiny is a female-solely species with no male counterpart.

All Strikes

Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a useful nature. Other Pokémon with this totalMinimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature.

The Pokémon eventually developed into a Chansey when it tried to assist a sick Pichu. Mimicking Chansey, Happiny will place an egg-shaped stone in its belly pouch. It carries an egg-formed rock in imitation of Chansey. Happiny’s pouch is rubbery and versatile, enabling the Happiny to put issues into it with ease.

Charged Assaults

As a minimum, it will probably require 25 candy to evolve, according to almost all different three stage evolutions. All moves subsumed on this list are relearnable through the Move Relearners if lost. It evolves into Chansey when leveled up whereas holding an Oval Stone during the day-time; thereafter, it’s going to evolve into Blissey when leveled up with maximal happiness.

happiny evolution

It additionally shares a similar shape to an egg and in addition resembles an egg in an egg cup. It sometimes turns into overloaded and might’t move. Happiny are usually well-behaved and innocent Pokémon, though they’re also naïve and have childish behavioral patterns. They love to imitate Chansey and carry round white things, but since they aren’t sufficiently old to put eggs, they carry small pebbles or Oval Stones as a substitute. They typically take the first objects they like and get caught consequently. While they often give their pebbles to their pals, they get very upset and throw a tantrum if the pebble is taken by drive.

Transfer Tutor Moves

Isle of Armor #006 Sword Mimicking Chansey, Happiny will place an egg-formed stone in its belly pouch. Shield Happiny’s prepared to lend its precious spherical stone to these it’s friendly with, but if the stone isn’t returned, Happiny will cry and throw a tantrum. As it can’t produce Eggs yet, it makes up for it by carrying something round and white in its pouch to mimic Chansey and Blissey, usually an Egg-formed stone.

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